The OasisEdit

The Oasis is your home.

As Chief it is your duty to make sure your Oasis prospers and grows into a thriving civilization. An island of peace and calm amongst the unforgiving desert.

The Oasis starts out as a simple pool of water, home to the Water Spirit Esna until the arival of The Player (hereafter referred to as Tethu). Her powers, combined with Tethu's create a Great Tree and turn the oasis into a home for both, with space for more seedlings to visit and hopefully move in.

Fast Travel Locations Edit

Fountain Plaza. Edit

The Fountain Plaza is the entrance to your Oasis. There is a Sprite Fountain, Hotel for visitors (such as Noots), and Merchants visit from time to time. Shakuro and Jamileh's Booths are also there.

Blowing Green Gale into the Fountain will occasionally provide you with rare items. As you progress through the game, more items become available.

As your Oasis levels up, more merchants are able to visit at the same time.

Spirit Shrine Edit

The Spirit Shrine is where Esna spends her time. When you level up your Oasis or find a Lumite, you go here to upgrade your Oasis.

Home Edit

Your Home is where you can sleep, save, and edit your equipment. Upstairs is the Synthesis Tree.

Synthesis Tree Edit

The Synthesis Tree is where you can synthesize items to help you in the game, such as equipment, clothes, and vulneraries.

Garden Edit

The Garden is where you can grow seeds into materials bought from Merchants. Jamileh also will provide nut and fruit trees to permanently grow in the Garden occasionally.

Great Tree Spring Edit

The Great Spring Tree protects the Spirit Shrine and connects to your Home. Blowing Green Gale into the Spring will occasionally provide free items that are hard to come by normally.

Occasionally there will be small patches of sparkles rising from the water. If you use Green Gale on these sparkles then you can obtain items such as Healing Fruit.

Main Road Edit

The Main Road is where you can build Bloom Booths and grow Special Seeds to earn Dewadems.

Back Road Edit

The Back Road is and additional location to build more Bloom Booths and grow Special Seeds to earn Dewadems.

Residents Edit

Esna The Water Spirit



Name Bloom Booth Attribute Weapon Skills
Lili Juice Shop Heal Over Time Sword Beast Defense+

Scaled Defense+


Pami Pinwheel Shop Item Find Up Sword Whirlybead Drop+

Twig Drop+

Heal II

Sasha Blanket Shop Heal Over Time Sword Mining


Bat Yarn Drop+

Evia Juice Shop Heal Over Time Bola Digging

Cactus Pulp Drop+


Roto Veggie Shop Heal Over Time Bola Pellet

Beetle Defense+


Saeed Ball Shop Magic Ability Up Bola Item Recovery+

Stun Bola

Healthy KO Resist

Sabayt Scarf Shop Heal Over Time Sword Spiderthread Drop+


Happy Wool Drop+

Jasper Sash Shop Item Find Up Sword Digging

Night Attack+

Heal II

Hosni Soup Shop Magic Ability Up Bola Hard Target

Armored Defense+


Carlotta Ballon Shop Item Find Up Sword Paraflower

Cactus Leaf Drop+


Mariah Toy Store Magic Ability Up Wand Mining


Conch Fossil Drop+

Sakina Drum Store Magic Ability Up Wand Pellet

Stun Staff

SP Attack+

Amshel Fabric Store Magic Ability Up Wand Paraflower


SP Recovery+

Nubit Snack Shop Item Find Up Sword Pellet

Stun Blade

Scaled Defense+

Isaac Bookstore Heal Over Time Wand Leaf Wall

Hard Target

Heal II

Jorah Shawl Shop Magic Ability Up Bola Mining

Stun Bola

Special Attack+

Isa Bakery Item Find Up Crossbow Paraflower

Stun Crossbow

SP Weaken Time+

Raraku Donut Shop Magic Ability Up Wand Heal


SP Recovery+

Nyter Belt Shop Heal Over Time Crossbow Leaf Wall

Colorstone Drop+


Moza Flute Store Item Find Up Crossbow Stun Crossbow

SP Attack+

Golden Thorn Drop+

Shalara Creamery Magic Ability Up Bola Paraflower

Juicy Pulp Drop+

Heal II

Menwei Parasol Shop Item Find Up Crossbow Special Attack+


Cyrus Quilt Shop Magic Ability Up Wand Heal II


Healthy KO Resist

Maat Doll Shop Heal Over Time Night Attack+
Murtaza Candy Store Heal Over Time Pellet
Shakuro Party Counter N/A N/A N/A
Jamileh Booth Counter N/A N/A N/A
Name Attribute Skills
Miura Attack Power Up Mining

Healthy KO Resist

Might of the Drauk

Edina Attack Power Up Beetle Defense+

Acid Breath

Magic Bone Drop+

Ida Attack Power Up Easy Target

Wounding Breath

Prism Quill Drop+

Alana Attack Power Up Acid Breath

Moonstone Drop+

SP Weaken Time+

Kaela Attack Power Up Digging

Hard Target

Stun Spear

Name Attribute Skills
Levi Defense Up Stun Hammer

Rock Salt Drop+

Slaying Heal

Reuben Defense Up Mining

Serkah Boost

Golden Thorn Drop+

Miclessa Defense Up Provoke

Rosewood Drop+

Truffle Drop+

Seth Defense Up Slaying Heal

Day Attack+

Serkah Boost

Zak Defense Up Fighting Spirit

Easy Target

Golden Soil Drop+

Name Attribute Skills
Sol Dodge Rate Up Stickytread Drop+

Ironthread Drop+

Paralyzing Slash

Bacbouc Dodge Rate Up Snakeskin Drop+

Toxic Slash

Whirlybead Drop+

Merodac Dodge Rate Up Item Pickup Heal

Paralyzing Slash

Sunshard Drop+

Heled Dodge Rate Up Toxic Slash

Cactus Thorn Drop+

SP Weaken Time+

Aslar Dodge Rate Up Easy Target

Stun Twinblade

Special Attack+

Size Edit

As you level up the Oasis, the Oasis becomes greener and more developed, allowing space fore more Bloom Booths as well as unlocking other features.

Level Residents Bloom Booths Seeds Garden Spaces Trees Expland
1 1 2 2 1 1
2 2 4 3 1 1 Main Road
3 4 4 3 1 1 Rainbow Protection