Each character has a different skill set that allow them to affect your battle stats, interact with forage locations, and even progress through the game. Choosing the right skills can be vital to surviving in the desert.

Interaction SkillsEdit

These skills are the ones that are used to progress through levels and interact with forage locations.

Mining: Edit

  • Sasha
  • Miura
  • Mariah
  • Reuben
  • Jorah
  • Menwei

Digging: Edit

  • Evia
  • Jasper
  • Raraku
  • Cyrus
  • Kaela

Pellet: Edit

  • Roto
  • Sakina
  • Nubit
  • Murtaza

Paraflower: Edit

  • Carlotta
  • Amshel
  • Isa
  • Shalara

Leaf Wall: Edit

  • Isaac
  • Nyter
  • Gadon
  • Den

Battle Skills Edit

Battle skills affect your ability to fight enemies. Choosing the right team mates before a boss battle can be the difference between winning and losing (or at least saving you a number of recovery items).

Reduce Damage from Specific Enemies by 30%
Enemy Seedling
Beast-Type Lili
Scaled Lili
Beetle-Type Roto


Armored Hosni
Increase Attack
Name By Seedling
Night Attack+ 10% Jasper
Day Attack+ 10% Seth
Stun Enemies
Name Resident
Stun Bola Saeed


Stun Staff Sakina
Stun Blade Nubit
Stun Crossbow Isa


Stun Spear Kaela
Stun Hammer Levi

Paralyzing Slash Edit

Paralyze enemies that don't have paralysis resistance with 100% certainty.

  • Sol
  • Merodac

Toxic Slash Edit

Poison enemies that don't have poison resistance with 100% certainty.

  • Bacbouc
SP Skills
Name Effect Resident
SP Attack+ Increases the efficacy of offensive SP skills by 25% Sakina


SP Weaken Time+ Doubles the duration of weakening SP skills Isa


SP Recovery+ Increases the efficacy of recovery SP skills by 25% Raraku


Special Attack+ Edit

Increases weapon-type efficacy by 25%

  • Jorah
  • Menwei

Hard Target Edit

Causes you to be targeted by enemies less frequently.

  • Hosni
  • Isaac
  • Kaela

Easy Target Edit

Causes you to be targeted by enemies more frequently.

  • Ida
  • Zk

Provoke Edit

Attract the enemy

  • Miclessa
Name Heal Effect Area of Effect Seedling
Heal 25% HP Instant Entire Party Lili






Heal II 50% HP Instant Entire Party Pami





Cheer 30% HP Gradual Entire Party Evia


Slaying Heal Some Defeat an Enemy Player Levi


Item Pickup Heal Some Obtain Item Player Merodac
Status Affects
Name Status Area of Effect Seedling
Dispel All Entire Party Roto



Item Recovery+ Edit

Increases amount of HP recovered from items by 20%

  • Saeed

Healthy KO Resist Edit

Deal more damage and you can't be KO'd when your HP is 51% or above.

  • Saeed
  • Miura
  • Cyrus
Lower Enemies Stats
Name Stats By Resident
Might of the Drauk Power


15 Miura
Acid Breath Power 10 Edina


Wounding Breath Stamina 10 Ida
Raise your Stats
Name Stats By Resident
Serkah Boost Power 10 Reuben


Fighting Spirit Stamina 10 Zak

Item Drop Skills Edit

Item drop skills affect your rate of finding items.

30% Chance of Finding Two Instead of One
Name Character
Whirlybead Drop+ Pami


Twig Drop+ Pami
Bat Yarn Drop+ Sasha
Cactus Pulp Drop+ Evia
Cactus Leaf Drop+ Carlotta
Juicy Pulp Drop+ Shalara
Snakeskin Drop+ Bacbouc
Spiderthread Drop+ Sabayt
Stickythread Drop+ Sol
Ironthread Drop+ Sol
Conch Fossil Drop+ Mariah
Colorstone Drop+ Nyter
Moonstone Drop+ Alana
Rock Salt Drop+ Levi
Rosewood Drop+ Miclessa
Sunshard Drop+ Merodac
Increase Chance of Finding Item by 50%
Name Character
Happy Wool Drop+ Sabayt
Magic Bone Drop+ Edina
Prism Quill Drop+ Ida
Golden Thorn Drop+ Reuben