A Concept Art of Seedlings

The majority of villagers you encounter or have in your village are Seedlings. These creatures can use their seeds to create Bloom Booths. Seedling villagers can be assigned to tend your garden, maintain their Bloom Booth, or fight along side you in party battles. They're the only characters you can customize equipment for when preparing for a journey into the desert. If you take a Seedling who has a Bloom Booth out adventuring with you their store will close until you return.

Nour's Oasis Edit

  • Nour - Chief (Tethu's/Tethi's Brother)
  • Tempo
  • Jagir (Gifts Tethu with 2 vulneraries)
  • Aime - Flute Store
  • Chloe - Cloak Shop
  • Harimau - Bookstore
  • Santo - Juice Shop
  • Anet - Donut Shop
  • Tethu/Tethi (Cheif's brother/sister)

Tethu's Oasis Edit

Other Seedlings Edit

  • Sheut
  • Thoth the Wise