Sakina is a character in Ever Oasis. He is a resident of the Oasis and runs the Drum Store.





A drum artisan who is good at playing the drums. He has a habit of shouting.


Sakina is friendly and boisterous. He traveled around before finding Tethu's Oasis trying to find his rhythm again and rediscover ow to be an exceptional performer. Despite having a weak stomach he loves trying all the new flavors of ice cream Shalara makes, even if he knows it will give him a stomach ache. He is oblivious to her feelings for him.

Related Quests

Sakina is linked to the following quests :

Main Story Quests:

Rank 1 Bloom Booth Quest
Snap of the Stick
Objective: Deliver: Stickythread x4
Receive: Lucky-Plant Seed
After Quest Description: Sakina is practicing for an upcoming drum performance. His passion is easy to see!
Rank 2 Bloom Booth Quest
Sakina's Creative Block
Objective: Speak To: Roya Roya is located in Bahar Hill, accessed through Rubble Tunnel
Return to Oasis
Receive: 1,500 Dewedems
After Quest Description: Sakina experienced a creative block. He listened to a certain musician's work and reexamined his music.
Rank 3 Bloom Booth Quest
My Own Music
Objective: Talk To: Shupi
Return to Oasis
Receive: Acrobat Clothes
After Quest Description: Sakina played the drums to cheer up a friend. The performance cheered up everyone.




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