This is a complete list of quests in Ever Oasis.

Story Line Quests Edit

Title Description Objective
A Traveler Has Arrived! A Traveler has arrived at the new Oasis! You should greet her right away. Greet the Traveler.
A Roseberry for Lili Lili is the first traveler to visit, and she seems to like roseberries. Where would one find roseberries in the Oasis? Find some roseberries.
A New Resident! Lili became a resident of the Oasis, and you got a new bloom booth too! Wonder if someone'll come tomorrow... Rest near the Spring of the Great Tree.
A New Day The sun rose on the Oasis, and a new traveler and a crew of Noots are visiting! Did Lili sell her fruit? Check in on Lili.
Sold Out Lili's Bloom Booth is sold out of everything! Replenish Lili's inventory to help the traveler who missed out. Deliver roseberries to Lili's Bloom Booth.
Roseberries Delivered! You delivered roseberries to Lili, and it looks like the traveler who missed out was finally able to shop. Talk to the Traveler named Pami.
Esna Calls When the second traveler joined the oasis, a change began happening around Esna. Go see her! Talk to Esna at the Spirit Shrine.
An Expanding Oasis With a whopping two residents, the Oasis is really starting to expand. Try getting even more residents! Talk to Oasis residents.
Into the Desert! Pami shared a rumor about a traveler. Can you invite the traveler to the Oasis? Go out to the desert and search! Leave the Oasis through Fountain Plaza.
Looking for Travelers Find travelers in the desert, and invite them to the Oasis. Check out rumors, and then go explore! Find a traveler.
Traveler Found The Traveler you met in the desert decided to head to the Oasis! Mission accomplished, for now. Return to the Oasis.
The Growing Oasis Build Bloom Booths, explore the desert, and find travelers. Keep adding residents to the Oasis! Increase the Oasis Population.
A Traveler in Trouble Another traveler has arrived at the Oasis. Looks like he's in trouble! Talk to the recent arrival.
A Lost Ring Shakuro seems to have lost an important ring while being chased by a Leapard near the Oasis. Find Shakuro's Ring.
Ring Delivery A Leapard near the Oasis dropped a ring! It must be Shakuro's ring. Deliver the Ring to Shakuro.
Synthesis Tree Sapling Shakuro gave you a Synthesis Tree Sapling. It's supposed to be planted indoors near water. There's water upstairs at home right? Check upstairs at home.

Residency Quests Edit

From Title Objective Reward
Lili Lili's Request Roseberry x3 Healing Fruit x3
Evia In Search of Pulp Cactus Pulp x3 Tasty-Treat Seed
Roto Grow Vegetables Elite Pepper x3 Artsy Plant Seed
Saeed New Ball Snake Skin x5 Hump-Cactus Seed
Sabayt Favorite String Used String Paralysis Cure x3
Jasper Important Tools Cloth Bag Desert Turban
Hosni Cryptfish Broth Fish Bone x3 Windup-Plant Seed
Amshel Materials for Fabric Transparent Wing x3 Slow Cure x3
Nubit A Girl's Trouble Dried Cactus x3 Monochrome Wear
Jorah Luck and Friends Charmed Bracelet Lamp-Plant Seed
Raraku Sweeeet Donut Prized Nectar Silver Scale Slab
Nyter Self-Important Gator Claw Kerria Turban
Moza Craftsman's Flute Bone Coral Trampoline Seed
Shalara Melting Away Juicy Pulp x3 Gem-Plant Seed
Gadon A Greedy Man Sandy Feather x3 Forest Coat
Menwei Parasol Girl Light Gangue Confusion Cure
Murtaza Sweets for the Sweet Supersweet Plant Soldier's Clothes
Naama Pretty Girl Reverse Feather Black Pearl
Cyrus Familiar Tools Kitty Pincushion Hammer Seed
Hanoch Nothing Else Will Do Prismthread x2 Full-Heal Vulnerary x3
Salome A Brighter Light Colorstone x3 Crow Coat
Belzoni I'm Not Lonely Silver Sand x5 Cure All x3
Wafaa Seven Something Seven-Color Glass x5 Singshrub Seed
Potipan Bring Back the Music Golden Soil x10 Black Pearl
Sevity Accenting the Flavor Robusta Bean x18 Eternal Sun Pants
Magdalene Red Flower Red Balsam x20 Black Pearl
Shama Ornament Store Specialty Beholio Teardrop x10 Black Pearl
From Title Objective Rewards
Miura Mending Miura Vulnerary (Small) Travelers Clothes
Alana It Takes a Beetle Jade Beetle Fur Coat
Um Try Tomorrow Defeat Guilty Egg x5 Silver Scale Slab
Selene A Question of Skill Defeat Chaos Drauk Guard Attire
From Title Objective Reward
Reuben Rumored Gourmet Bitter Pulp x3 Vulnerary (Medium)
Miclessa Brag-Worthy Face Fluffy Tiger Fur Starlight Robe
Mosher Hammer-Wielding Savior Defeat Chaos Serkah Dark Turban
Yahya From the Elder Defeat Trummy x5 Golden Scale Slab
From Title Objective Reward
Aslar Proof of a Warrior Bravery Feather Golden Beast Slab
Yosef That Was MY Promise Defeat Brood Madame x5 Dozing-Plant Seed
Yehani Missing Student Defeat Chaos Lagora Cradle-Plant Seed

Bloom Booth Quests Edit

Booth Level Title Objective Reward
Fruit Shop 1 Puppy-Dog Eyes Camellia Apple x3 Acorn-Plant Seed
2 Leaning Too Hard Woven Mellon x5 Copper Scale Slab
3 Lili's Determination Owl Droppings Sunrise Clothes
Pinwheel Shop 1 A Stymied Smile Whirlybead x3 Sunstone
2 Operation Mushroom Laughshroom Fanged Seed
3 A True Smile Talk to David Cool Clothes
Blanket Shop 1 Real Beauty Spiderthread x4 500 Dewadems
2 Not the Right Look Talk to Noha Sprinkler Seed
3 Beauty is Subjective Defeat Tigret Nomad's Clothes
Juice Shop 1 A Drauk Detatched Talk to Hannah Moonstone
2 Tenderhearted Girl Defeat Bone Piranha Sympathy Bell
3 You're Not Alone Dried Cactus x10 Musician's Robe
Veggie Shop 1 Love Those Veggies Talk to Merchant Moonstone
2 A Love Too Great Talk to Merchant Seeker's Clothes
3 Gimme Veggies Talk to Merchant 3,000 Dewadems
Ball Shop 1 Mischievous Boy Demon Walnut x2 Moonstone
2 Behind You Defeat Needlehog x2 1,000 Dewadems
3 Dear Old Dad Talk to Saeed's Dad Assassin Gear
Scarf Shop 1 Present for a Friend Snakeskin x4 Sunstone
2 Searching for Clues Star Fragment Moonlight Getup
3 Under the Same Sky Talk to Sumail Swing Seed
Sash Shop 1 Playing the Fool Bat Wool x4 700 Dewadems
2 Dried Up Soul Defeat Razortoooth x5 Birdbrush Seed
3 Back on Track Defeat Nightbiter Worn-Out Clothes
Soup Shack 1 Love Letter Barley x6 Abyssal Necklace
2 Misunderstanding Talk to Hassan 1,500 Dewadems
3 Seasoned with Love Talk to Hassan Holy Garments
Balloon Shop 1 A New Idea Rock Salt x5 Tail-Plant Seed
2 Unexpected Results Defeat Flying Squirrowl Silver Beetle Slab
3 Back to Nature Find Baby Squirrowl Striped Robe
Toy Store 1 Misguided Underling Conch Fossil x4 Easter-Plant Seed
2 Lost Focus Defeat Staghopper x5 Silver Beast Slab
3 Back to Basics Trickactus Pumpkin Pants
Drum Store 1 Snap of the Stick Stickythread x4 Lucky-Plant Seed
2 Sakina's Creative Block Talk to Roya 1,500 Dewadems
3 My Own Music Talk to Shupi Acrobat Clothes
Fabric Store 1 Dream of a Hero Sandy Feather x4 Moonstone
2 Decorations for a Hero Dubious Bark x2 Burning Seed
3 For You Special Cloth Blade Garments
Snack Shop 1 Evil Snacks Gator Claw Sunstone
2 To Be a Warrior Talk to Ashraf Silver Wrath Slab
3 Frantic Efforts Defeat Shellbeast Plant-Cluster Seed
Bookstore 1 Writing Fever Rosewood Plank x5 Moonstone
2 Knowledge is Power Stealth Flower Dusk Garments
3 The Charm Shining Charm Spike Seed
Shawl Shop 1 Sharpened Skill Cactus Leaf x4 1,000 Dewadems
2 Downside of Repetition Defeat Peacocktrice Moonstone
Bakery 1 The Shy Girl Rye x6 1,000 Dewadems
2 Words Are Hard Talk to Merchant Dandelion Coat
3 Patient Adivce Isa's Handkerchief Golden Wraith Slab
Donut Shop 1 Pastry of Love Peanut x3 Cushion seed
2 Unending Love Wheat x12 2,000 Dewadems
3 The End of the Story Talk to Private Eye Tropical Clothes
Belt Shop 1 Beautiful Belt Defeat Sorropent x2 Peacock Coat
2 Selfishness Talk to Tamir Cherry-Plant Seed
Flute Shop 1 A Soul-Shaking Timbre Ancient Bone x4 1,500 Dewadems
2 Lure of the Flute Defeat Greemu Stealth Bell
3 Peace, Rest, Mission Defeat Chaos Slayer Comfy Coat
Creamery 1 In Pursuit of Invigoration Poisonous Flower Copper Wraith Slab
2 He's in Bad Shape Cure All x3 Orange Robe
3 Soothing Ice Cream Supple Plant 6,000 Dewadems
Cloak Shop 1 Profit is Key Gator Claw x4 Ball-Bank Seed
2 Gadon's Sales Trip Talk to Naja Sunstone
Parasol Shop 1 Lost Love Sandy Beak x4 Sunstone
2 Dream of Love Talk to Merchant Silver Beast Slab
3 To Love Again Defeat Simorg Sprout Clothes
Candy Store 1 Sweet Dreams Crescent Banana x3 Black Pearl
2 A Not-So-Sweet Past Juicy Pulp x7 Sunstone
3 Words to the Past Talk to Old Minion Fortune Seed
Veil Shop 1 Big Brother Cactus Fuzz x4 Woodpecker Seed
2 The Worried Brother Talk to Naama's Bro 3,000 Dewadems
3 I'm OK Defeat Octocrast Bubble Pants
Quilt Shop 1 Farewell Gift to a Friend Talk to Lutz 2,000 Dewadems
2 A Guilty Conscience Talk to Lutz Moonstone
3 A Parting Friend Defeat Chaos Guard Sailor Clothes
Crepery 1 A Plan for Popularity Oat x6 2,000 Dewadems
2 The Key to Crepes Talk to Azizah Relaxed-Fit Pants
Doll Shop 1 Broken Doll Flint x5 Firework Seed
2 Justified Anger Talk to Benoit Sunstone
3 Maat's Decision Talk to Benoit Crop Top
Stole Shop 1 Number One Sturdy Vine x4 Runaway Coat
2 Burning Out Defeat Bone Piranha x2 Sistrum-Plant Seed
3 Be Yourself Ancient Bark (quest item) Moonstone
Lamp Shop 1 A Lamp in the Night Beholio Teardrop x4 Cactus-Torch Seed
2 Secret Pursuit Defeat Chaos Slayer Sunstone
3 Farewell, Friend Defeat Chaos Slayer Golden Wing Slab
BBQ Shack 1
Rug Shop 1 Copycat Elder Papyrus x4 3,000 Dewadems
2 Focus on Farah Talk to Farah Black Pearl
3 A Centered Wafaa Ghostly Flower (quest item) Pajama Robe
Music-Box Shop 1
Cupcake Shop 1
Ribbon Shop 1
Ornament Store 1