Paths are an accessory item for your Oasis. They have no affect on Bloom Booths or Visitors. They are simply an aesthetic item that can change the color and pattern of the ground in the Main Road and Back Road.

New paths can be bought from Jamileh in the Fountain Plaza.

Name Description Price
Sand Road A street made form well-trodden sand. Default Path
Gravel Road A gravel road with simple charm.
Twig Boardwalk A street lined with branches.
Bean Road A street made with roasted beans.
Seashell Street A street blanketed with seashells.
Blue Tile A street made with blue stones.
Colorful Road A street of colorful pebbles.
Stump Street A street made to look like tree stumps.
Hexaroad A street comprised of hexagonal flagstones. Ancient Tile x5

Red Stoneshard x5

Golden Soil x5

Brick Street A street packed with square bricks. Glass Stone x5

Golden Soil x5

Silver Sand x5

Cobblemoss Road A street with mossy cobblestones. Green Stoneshard x5

Green Lightsand x5

Pastel Tile A street with a variety of colored tiles.
Starlight Street A street with round stones made to look like a starlit sky.
Circular Tile A street packed with circular tiles.
Marble Road A street of marble-patterned sand. Red Lightsand x5

Golden Soil x5

Shimering Sand x5

Rainbow Road A street made of seven colors. Blue Stoneshard x5

Glass Stone x5

Blue Lightsand x5

Yellow Mosaic A street that glitters gold. Golden Soil x5

Sunshard x5

White Road A white street with a tasteful look. Silver Sand x5

Shimmering Sand x5

Moonshard x5

Bark Road A street made of woven bark. Rosewood Plank x5

Ebony Plank x5

Red Lightsand x5

Glass Street A street of colorful glass. Seven-Color Glass x10

Blue Lightsand x5

Green Lightsand x5