This is a complete list of all locations in Ever Oasis.

Name Exits
Oasis Qarr Dunes
Serkah Settlement Boulder Path
Lagora Settlement Tumblethorn Road
Drauk Settlement Kidung Pass

Location Caves Connecting Caves
Qarr Dunes Horned Cave

High-Wave Rift

Kidung Caves (Kidung Trail/Kidung Pass/Drauk Settlement)

Pottery Cave (Ostraka Ruins)

Rubble Tunnel (Bahar Hill)

Spiral Pit (Arid Ravine/Wakuto Canyon)

Bahar Hill Diggum Cave Boulder Path (Serkah Settlement)

Prover's Cave (Glow-Fossil Cavern)

Sandfall Channel (Kalari Woodsea)

Kalari Woddsea Resting Roost

Luminous Hollow

Gate of Admonition (Forgotten Forest)

Sandfall Channel (Bahar Hill)

Tumblethorn Road

Wakuto Canyon Tempest Way Arid Ravine (Spiral Pit/Qarr Dunes)

Gate of Gears