Rabbit-like creatures from the Kalari Woodsea. They have small blades that can be used to rip up spider webs that would otherwise be impassable. Hosting Novelty Festivals will encourage more Lagora to reside in your Oasis. You can send Lagora villagers on expeditions to collect materials or fight alongside you in party battles. Sol is the first Lagora you meet, stealing water from your Oasis Tree in an attempt to save the Lagora settlement from their water shortage.

These playful desert dwellers are quick, agile and skilled with twin blades.

Nour's Oasis Edit

  • Connie

Tethu's Oasis Edit

  • Sol
  • Bacbouc
  • Merodac
  • Heled
  • Aslar

Lagora Settlement Edit

  • Badar
  • Malik
  • Bata
  • Jansher
  • Lagora Elder

Chaos Lagora Edit

  • Aronbesh