"Oh, hey, Tethu! I'd REALLY like to become a resident of this Oasis! Like REALLY REALLY! I'll work my tail off! Promise! Phew... Glad I built up the courage to ask!"

Evia is a character in Ever Oasis. She is a resident of the Oasis and owns the Juice Shop.


Arrival Edit

A nervous seedling girl who specializes in making drinks.

Residency Edit

An earnest, diligent worker. She often gets so exited that she bites her tongue.


Evia is excitable and energetic. She is always happy to make friends and is willing to do whatever she needs to do too help the people she cares about, even when they aren't as appreciative as she hopes. She never gives up when she sets her mind to something.

Related Quests

Evia is linked to the following quests:

Main Story Quests Edit

  • The Growing Oasis
Residency Quest
In Search of Pulp
Evia "Now I've had time to catch my breath after finding this oasis, I'd like a nice refreshing drink. If i had some cactus pulp from a cactus plant outside, I'd be able to make some for myself, but I don't, so..."
Objective: Deliver: Cactus Pulp x3 Cactus Pulp can be found from Cactus plants in Qarr Dunes
Evia OH! That's Cactus pulp! Did you really go and gather some just for me? You shouldn't have! Actually... that's a lie. Thanks! As a token of my thanks, please have this deco plant seed.
Reward: Tasty-Treat Seed
Evia What a nice chief! You seem to be truly dedicated to keeping this oasis running smoothly!
After Quest Description Evia makes delicious drinks out of Cactus pulp. Now that she's had some rest she's full of energy!
Rank 1 Bloom Booth Quest
A Drauk Detached
Rank 2 Bloom Booth Quest
Tenderhearted Girl
Rank 3 Bloom Booth Quest

Quotes Edit

"Phew... Thank goodness there's an oasis here. I don't know how much longer I would have survived out there."

"Hello! I'm Evia! Nice to meet you! It's not every day you get to- OWWWWW! Thorry. I juth bit my tongue thuper hard."

"Wheh! Hmm... I wondered if I'd be able to set up a shop here."

"Welcome! How about a drink?"

"Waaha! Thank you! The more stock I have, the happier I am!"

"I'm going to make a bunch of yummy drinks and everybody's going to be happy!"

"Oh, um... Aren't you thirsty? I hear it's best to hydrate often in small amounts."

"I hope the people around here like my drink shop..."

"I wonder who all is going to stop by! The anticipation is killing me!"

"I don't have a lot of disposable income at the moment. It's time to go into frugal mode."

"Hey, did you know that i can dig holes! It's my hidden talent! I bet my talent could be useful if you find a place where it looks like something's buried!"

"When it gets cool at night, there's nothing better than a warm drink!"

"Just the other day, I saw a tough-looking Drauk training up in Kidung Caves. We locked eyes for a moment, but she vanished shortly thereafter. Maybe she doesn't like people..."

"I'd like to make a delicious drink! A while bunch of delicious drinks!"

"The Great Tree is so big! It's so huge, you can even see it from outside the Oasis!"