From the team behind The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D comes a daring new adventure that expands on everything RPG fans love about the genre. As a descendent of the great tree, your mission is to build a prosperous oasis by working with your partner, the water spirit Esna. Meet and ally yourselves with members of other tribes to Expand your Oasis, all while battling against the Chaos, threatening peace in the desert. Battle enemies in real-time combat as you switch between three party members and explore a savage desert. Forage for materials in caves and puzzle-filled dungeons to restock your shops, witch in turn give you dewadems. Witch can be used to grow new shops and even grow gear, with the proper materials.


  • Dive into a new take on the Adventure RPG genre in a brand new IP.
  • Explore a savage desert, deep caves, and puzzle-filled dungeons.
  • Forage materials to Restock shops, or synthesize equipment and items at your treehouse.
  • Complete missions to recruit new villagers, each with their own gear, weapons and abilities, then bring them exploring/foraging. 
  • Forge bonds with fellow seedlings to open unique shops in your Oasis! These shops can attract new allies and can be upgraded after filling up you quest gauge, and completing missions.
  • Forge bonds with members of the Serkah, Lagora, and Drauk tribes and gain the ability to send them on exploration missions to gather you resources.
  • Earn dewadem, currency, over time as shops sell their wares to build new Bloom Booths.
  • Developed by GREZZO Co., Ltd. the team behind The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D
  • Battle wildlife that are possessed by Chaos and other enemies in real-time combat, while actively switching between party members.
  • Immerse into a beautifully created world with some aspects eluding too Egyptian artifacts and clothing styles.