Throughout the game you will travel on a World Map. The only locations on the map that do not have enemies to fight are Settlements, your Oasis, the Serkah Settlement, the Lagora Settlement, and the Drauk Settlement.

While out fighting enemies, you will gather experience points, but you must return to your Oasis in order to gain them and level your characters up.

Classes and Types

The enemies in Ever Oasis are split into seven different types and classes. A class hosts 3 types each and is connected to the enemy's weakness. Each type has 3-5 enemy versions, one basic at the bottom with the further versions improving in moveset and/or toughness. In the custom dungeons you have the chance to encounter rare enemies of each monster type, which are the advanced forms of each type and drop special materials.

The main-story bosses are also counted in the classes, except the Black Dragon, whose type is shown as ?. The Chaos Launcher enemies have no type assigned to them.

The late in the game appearing corrupted Seedlings and Beastlings are considered to be Chaos class, but lack any subtypes to them.

Beast Class Edit

Weak to Sword and Twinblades.

Squirrel-likes: Edit

  • Leapard
  • Razortooth
  • Tigret
  • Leucrotta (Rare)

Armadillo-likes: Edit

(have Carapace subclass)

  • Spikydillo
  • Needlehog
  • Shellbeast
  • Badgerbear (Rare)

Peacock-likes: Edit

  • Peacockatrice
  • Greemu
  • Moagriff
  • Andrealphus (Rare)

Scale Class Edit

Weak to Spear.

Cobra-likes: Edit

  • Sharkobra
  • Sorropent
  • Rinkhals
  • Botis (Rare)

Crocodile-likes: Edit

  • Alliguana
  • Iguanagator
  • Ophiotus
  • Basilisk (Rare)

Star-likes: Edit

(have Occult subclass)

  • Beholio
  • Otyulder
  • Doomstar
  • Decarabia (Rare)

Story Boss: Edit

  • Pteratoad
  • Crimson Horror

Beetle Class Edit

Weak to Bolas and Hammers.

Mite-likes: Edit

  • Petrasnatcher
  • Shadorach
  • Bebilith
  • Dreadrega (Rare)

Beetle-likes: Can only be attacked from behind Edit

  • Staghopper
  • Beetlekeras
  • Rhinocero
  • Antlion (Rare)

Crab-likes: Edit

  • Jewel Crab
  • Blue Hermit
  • Sunderer
  • Ironclada
  • Paragonyx (Rare)

Flying Class Edit

Weak to Bows.

Bonefish-likes: Edit

(have Occult subclass)

  • Cryptfish
  • Bone Piranha
  • Violet Geist
  • Morgrabbit (Rare)

Bird-likes: Can only be reached easily with Lvl 3 Green Gale Edit

  • Reaperwing
  • Zizzlebeak
  • Simorg
  • Cairn (Rare)

Bat-likes: Edit

  • Flying Squirrelbat
  • Flying Squirrelowl
  • Nightbiter
  • Demonwing (Rare)

Wrath Class Edit

Weak to Bolas and Twinblades.

Seed-likes: Will blow up at 1/12 health Edit

  • Shadow Nut
  • Bomb Seed
  • Guilty Egg
  • Loculus (Rare)

Flower-likes: Edit

  • Creeper
  • Grimnoir
  • Brood Madame
  • Adenita (Rare)

Tree-likes: Edit

  • Jackpine
  • Broodness
  • Trummy
  • Holodrake (Rare)

Octopus-likes: Edit

  • Cuttleslug
  • Octocrast
  • Anemonest
  • Krafgufa (Rare)

Chaos Seedlings: Edit

  • Chaos Slayer
  • Chaos Guard
  • Chaos Wizard
  • Chaos Archer

Chaos Beastlings: Edit

  • Chaos Drauk
  • Chaos Serkah
  • Chaos Lagora

Story Boss: Edit

  • Chaos Kelp
  • Nightmare Kelp
  • Seipha
  • Saluru
  • Aronbesh
  • Sheut

 ? Class Edit

  • Black Dragon