Drauk Settlement

The Drauk Settlement is North of Kidung Pass. All of the residents here are of the Drauk Tribe.

The village is only all on one piece of land. There is a warp point directly north of the entrance, with the rest of the village down a hill leading between two cliffs. There is a raised platform to the right of the village with one of the tents on it while the other two tents are located on the left. There is a boat visible behind the Merchant in the middle of the back wall. The Elder is standing between the boat and the tents on the left.


  • Amani
  • Tilley
  • Heronia
  • Sali
  • Tilley
  • Drauk Elder


Name Cost
Pepper Seed 5
Pumpkin Seed 5
Corn Seed 5
Onion Seed 5
Lettuce Seed 5
Traveler's Clothes 800
Moonlight Getup 800
Leaf Crossbow 700
Goldshot 1,340
Nameless Stinger 1,280
Oliver Wand 1,220
Thistle Slicer 1,140
Fashion Card 1,800
Receive Give
Name # Name #
Prismthread 1 Robusta Bean 3
10 Prism Quill 1
Prism Quill 1 Prismthread 10
Sandy Feather 1 Fava Bean 3
10 Sandy Beak 1
Sandy Beak 1 Sandy Feather 10
Dried Bark 1 Lentil 3
10 Devildom Twig 1
Devildom Twig 1 Dried Bark 10
Vulnerary (Medium) 1 Chickpea 3
Healing Fruit 1 Cactus Pulp 3
Confusion Cure 1 Green Pea 3