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• 8/17/2017

Drop-down Bar on header

Right now, the header dropdown menu for Ever Oasis reads (in order): Characters, Location, Items, Weapons, Enemies, Magic, Quests. I feel they should read: Main Characters (with the sub menu "arrow" for Esna, main seedling, bad guy, Shakuro, Jamileh and Merchants (generic)), Residents (with a submenu for each of the 4 races maybe), Items, Weapons, Clothing (as someone commented below, linking to a page where we can then find both turbans and tunics), Enemies, Skills (not magic like it currently says) and Quests.
I have no idea of how to even edit these, so someone that knows please get on it. Thoughts?
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• 2/9/2018
I've Edited the drop down menus. We don't currently have pages for Shakuro, Jamileh or the Bad Guy, but we do have the other pages you mentioned. Weapons and Clothing will be added as drop down options from the Items tab. Skills has been added and when i get to magic in the game i will decide whether or not that tab stays.
If you have any other suggestions, let me know. As an Admin, i have access to edit more of the site than other users.
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