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• 7/5/2017


Hi, i'm new with editing wikias, but cause I like Ever Oasis really much and got free time , I'd like to contribute to building a site which explains stuff and helps people out with this game (got some annoying and confusing moments myself in my playthrough). The point is that I aquired the german version of the game and I don't know the exact translation for all of the topics, places and stuff. So I'm asking the comunity members to correct my wrong appelation of things.
Best case would be if someone would take the time and talk with me about the english names, so that I can write more correct articles.

Prehelping Thanks and Greetings CrowleyLine
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• 7/16/2017
Yeah, in my case I'm Spanish so I have to look on videos and all that to see if there is something wrong. For example, I didn't know the main race was called "seedlings" so it's fun to learn those things.
I will take a look to see if it's all good but I'm not the best person! :)
• 2/9/2018
If the two of you could send me info like Species names, character names along with which bloom booth they have, i can add that info to the Infobox on each character page (Once i figure out how to make tabs)
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